Frequently Asked Questions About Organifi

Like you I’ve had a lot of questions about Organifi. I’ve compiled the best questions that I could find and today I’d like to share them with you.

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I’d like to answer the most commonly asked questions first, but if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to include them in the comments section below.

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This is the number 1 question that we get all the time – Can Organifi help me lose weight?

Yes and No.

Organifi is a green juice powdered supplement that contains 11 superfoods including Moringa, Coconut Water, Turmeric, Ashwaganda, and more. These superfoods are considered supplements which means that they support and don’t ‘fix’ anything.

So yes, Organifi can help you lose weight if you combine it with eating the right foods and exercise. What Organifi can do is to boost your weight loss by adding more antioxidants, nutrients and minerals to your body.

But NO, it’s not a Magic bullet that can solve all your medical problems. In fact, if you replace your meals with just the Organifi drinks, it won’t be a healthy and balanced meals.

Needless to say, every individual is different. Our bodies respond differently from supplements. And because of that, it’s also important to experiment and test.

I would do the 1-3-7-14-21 approach. This strategy is when you try Organifi for 1 day and see your overall feel and effect. Then when all is positive try 3 days, then 7 days, then 14 days.

Don’t forget that everyone is different so what necessarily worked for others may or may not work for you. I guess that’s just the standard disclaimer for weight loss.

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The Best Air Fried Recipes

Who wouldn’t love the home cooked meals that their mothers and grandparents prepare? Who would love the feeling of going home with the aroma of freshly cooked meal surrounding the entire house? Who wouldn’t love the great memories that keeps coming back whenever your favorite meal is served?

Yes, that’s what I’m about to share today because in this blog, I’ll share the best Air fried recipes that your entire family would enjoy. We’ll start with some entrees, then the main dish, and finally desserts. All made with an Air Fryer.

By the way an Air fryer is similar to a deep fryer except that it cooks without oil (or as little as 1 tablespoon of it). An Air Fryer is considered a healthier option because it doesn’t add any oil or fats to your foods, unlike the deep fryer where you’ll probably be cooking with Canola Oil or Corn Oil. And this can add saturated and unwanted fats in your meals.

You can get an Air Fryer online, but if you would like to know more about it first, read more about the T-FAL Actifry here. If you prefer a different brand, you may want to check out one of the bigger models from Philips XL Air Fryer, and here’s a review that you could read.

Ok so let’s get started with the first recipe. My Air Fried Entree or appetizer. This involves wonton wrappers that you could buy on any asian stores. If you don’t know what a wonton wrapper is, this are the wrappers used in dumplings like siomai. The first appetizer recipe is very easy to do.

Just slice the wonton wrappers thinly in about 1/4 inches strips. Then put it in the air fryer and cook to fry for about 10-15 minutes until the wonton wrappers are crispy. Set them aside.

Now for the appetizer recipe, add dried tofu, vegetables, carrots, garlic, and celery to the air fryer. Add some spices, cook for a few minutes then serve.

Put the crispy fried wontons on top and enjoy the first recipe. The second recipe is our main dish. It just involves chicken and some barbecue recipes. What you need to do is to simply marinate the chicken with the barbecue sauce for a few minutes (at least 30 minutes), then shake it well. After marinating, cook your chicken for about 30 minutes in your air fryer. This will help you cook it perfectly.

And the last recipe involves some banana, pineapple and sugar. Just slice those fruits, add them to the air fryer, sprinkle some sugar on top and turn the air fryer on. After a few minutes, you’ll have a caramelized desert that is great for the entire family.

I hope you’ve like these recipes for your air fryer. Enjoy!

The Best Informercial Ever: The Nutribullet

You’ve probably seen this before in late-night movie commercials or widely known as infomercials. You know that these “cheesy” commercials will sell you something in the end and that you might end up buying them, but still most people are glued to it. Even if they’ve always wanted to pick up the remote and change the channel.

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One infomercial that you’ll probably notice to be running daily, maybe even hourly is from a curly guy named David Wolfe. He’s a health guru of some sort and while I’m entertained with his demonstration and speech, I was practically drawn to the kitchen appliance that he was using.

When I heard him say that we are one of the most overfed nations yet an undernourished nation, I was hooked. I knew that I had to listen to this guy.

But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t ready to buy anything. I’m adamant about it. I’ve made a decision that I wasn’t going to buy anything over infomercials. Over the TV, especially over some guy with curly hair.

I was wrong. After a few minutes, I saw him adding more fruits and vegetables to this upside-down blender that looks like a bartender’s shaker with clear glass. He was adding all kinds of fruits and veggies. There’s spinach, broccoli, chard, lettuce, cabbage, and even kale.

And of course, my favorite mix of fruits like banana, apple, grapes, oranges, and kiwi. He also added some nuts and superfoods like flax seeds and chia seeds.

Then the ultimate test started. He poured the “green concoction” into several glasses and containers and started the taste test with his audience. There was a moment of pause as the audience started to sip this green mean drink.

I was amazed to see the delight in people’s eyes that it actually tastes great. Yes, vegetables can actually taste great when combined with fruits and superfoods to help make the perfect Nutriblast.


Little Known History of the Crock-Pot


The general term for this Kitchen appliance is called the slow cooker. The Crock-pot was some sort of trademark used in the North Americas and other countries in the world.

The slow cooker has become a kitchen household favorite because it has the unique ability to create delicious meals without the hassle.

You can literally set it and forget it.

And a lot of people do that. They prepare the meal before going to work in the morning, let it run and slow cook their meal for hours. And when the cooking time is done, it switches automatically into the warm setting.

By the time they would come home, the meals have been deliciously cooked and are ready to serve.

When slow cooking, it’s important that you consider the temperature to be at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking it lower than this temperature can lead to serious safety concerns and issues.

Just in case you’re wondering how to use a slow cooker, it’s actually quite easy. Just add all the ingredients that you want. Just add meat (or potatoes, vegetables or chicken), set it to run for a few hours, leave it and when it’s ready you’ll know because it will change to the warm setting.

Can’t find a delicious pot recipe to try? There are tons of resources online that will show you the best recipes on the planet.

I’ve actually saved dozens of slow cooked recipes and most of them are Free recipes. If you don’t have a slow cooker yet, I’ve also provided articles and resources on where you can find the best information on what slow cooker to buy. Make sure that you check it out.

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